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Keep track of all computer network connections - including bandwidth usage, user log-ins and even print jobs - that take place. View browsing history and bookmarks, including URLS, date and time of visit, giving full visibility of browsing history. Know when a file was opened, who modified it and where it was sent with our file transfer and activity tracking feature.

FlexiSPY gives you the option to run our software in visible or hidden mode. No other software gives you this flexibility. View all computer activity in your secure online portal or download our first-of-its-kind mobile viewer app for access on the go. Our computer monitoring software is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems, giving you the ability to install on any computer.

Discover search terms, notes and more. Instantly read all incoming and outgoing emails, as well as the time-stamp and contact details of the sender. The customer service is very efficient and always ready to answer all the questions and this was my motivation in the first place to subscribe.

I would recommend FlexiSPY at any time.

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The best feature for me is definitely the GPS. It shows the location and is constantly updating to new locations, making it easy to track my employees. I would definitely recommend using this product if you are trying to keep track of someone or something! I was able to do this quite easily using the GPS tracker and I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the locations. I went to the locations and saw who he was with and where he was going.

If you're responsible for a child, manage employees or want to protect your own computer then. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive monthly promotions you won't find on the website. Until now the only way to view your monitoring data was to find a computer and login. While that's great, it's not always convenient for those who are on the move. To solve this problem, we've come up with a mobile application that allows you to access your most useful data from your smartphone. The authoritative no-nonsense spy phone review website.

The computer tracking software comes preloaded with a broad range of features letting the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted device from the online portal of the spyware software. Read on to know how MAC spy application lets you track and control a computer device from anywhere and anytime.

The Mac monitoring software starts working immediately after installation on the targeted computer device.

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Once you subscribe to the MAC spy software, you are provided with an activation code to successfully activate the spy software on the targeted device. Download and install the spy software on the compatible MAC computer and start monitoring. The online portal of the spy software is used to monitor and control the targeted device from anywhere and anytime. The computer tracking software gets access to data stored on the monitored device and uploads to the online spy account for the end-user to review it.

The MAC monitoring software offers innumerable features letting the end-user to monitor and control the targeted device without taking it into possession. We have rounded up here the main features of the computer tracking software. The computer surveillance software of TheOneSpy enables the end-user to operate the microphone of the targeted device. It lets you listen to voices and sounds in the surroundings of the targeted computer device. With a single command sent via online control panel, you can turn on the microphone of the targeted computer and listen to the surrounding sounds.

You can also record these surrounding sounds and listen it later. As well as microphone, the camera of the targeted computer can also be operated with the help of the spy application. Q : Can the data recorded be sent via email to a PC even though original info is from an iMac? A : Yes. The data recorded can be sent to a PC via email, and you can view the logs on your PC even though the original info is from an iMac.

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A : Click here For email configuration examples. A : After purchase, you get the software, free technical support and 1 year free updates!

A : Yes, of course! A keylogger for Mac is not spyware. The difference between the mac keylogger and mac spyware is that keylogger for Mac can be installed manually with physical access only while mac spyware installs itself without the Mac user aware. And of course, it also attracts a lot of attention.

Now many people wonder whether there is truly keylogger for Mac for free.

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The first one, also the most frequent one is the free trial of Mac keylogger. All the free trials have limited time. The second one is free to download provided by some software download sites, but it is not free for use. Because after download, it will ask you to input serial number to use it. Keylogger virus, the last and the most dangerous one, is used to steal personal information on a computer. As a matter of fact, there is no free Mac keylogger online. Aobo Keylogger for Mac is the best keylogger for Mac on the market, which supports remote monitoring. Compared to other keyloggers online, Aobo Keylogger for Mac is inexpensive for lifetime use, so it is your best choice.

Do you want to log your own Mac computer using a keylogger for Mac OS X to see what others are doing? Does it happen to you that your MacBook, iMac, etc. Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X is simply the best one out there and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X is a covert surveillance software program which records every detail of what others do on your Mac computer, including instant messages, keystrokes typed, chats conversations, emails, the web sites visited, what others search for, the pictures they post and look at, what they do on MySpace, and much more.

And because of the surveillance screen snapshot features of this keylogger for Mac OS X, you get to see not only what they do, but the exact order in which they do it, step by step. Do you want to know what your employees are doing on the computer? Are they working or playing? Do you suspect that your little kids may access to pornographic websites and other unsuitable materials such as drugs or sexually explicit products?

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Do you want to protect your children from potential pedophiles? As a Mac user, if you are in any of the cases, you will be ready to use a keylogger for Mac. Aobo keylogger for Mac is intended to help you in any of the above situations. This keylogger for Mac can show you exactly what is being done on the computer at any time. Even if you are not around the target Mac computer, you are still able to know what is happening on the Mac by viewing the log report sent to your E-mail.

It is known to us that Keylogger for Mac OS X is a powerful and outstanding monitoring software, which can monitor the whole activities performed on the Mac computer. By using it, you can achieve all your monitoring goals, such as parental control, employee monitoring. Keylogger for Mac is one of the most effective methods of computer monitoring.

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It provides an important extra level of surveillance in addition to the rules and restrictions that can be set with Parental Controls on Mac. Keylogger for Mac allows you to monitor the activities of anyone who is using your computer. This includes teenagers who can often land themselves in trouble by downloading illegal movies, software, and music. Likewise, keylogger software can monitor employees as well. If you suspect an employee of conducting inappropriate communications over the web or visiting inappropriate websites, you can quickly find out using keylogger software.

A safe keylogger for Mac can help you reveal the online activities of your children, kids, employees, and people who use your Mac without your authorization easily and safely. There are two types of safe keyloggers for Mac you can choose from hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers. A hardware keylogger is comparatively safe if you buy one from trustworthy vendors. But it is not recommended if you are Mac users. Since most hardware keyloggers for Mac are tiny USB-shaped hardware modules that plug into a keyboard, which can be easily discovered and unplugged and you will lose everything.

To avoid being discovered, you can purchase an invisible safe keylogger for Mac. Unlike keylogger trojans or viruses, a safe keylogger for Mac usually requires physical access to the target Mac or even administrative rights to be installed. A safe keylogger for Mac should be invisible as well, or it will lose its usability like a hardware keylogger. In addition, a safe keylogger for Mac lets you and only you uninstall it as you wish. Aobo Safe Keylogger for Mac is completely safe and clean from viruses, malware, and back doors.

After installation and configuration, you can delete everything and the safe keylogger for Mac will start to work in stealth. Aobo Safe Keylogger for Mac records the major part of all the user activities and sends the log files to your Email, which is also good for your security.