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Such an app can help you and give you peace of mind, knowing where your kids are at all times and what they do. The answer is — easily. NEXSPY is full of excellent options that will make your life easier, and you will be able to track your kids continuously. You will get a clear overview of everything that is happening in your child's phone, and you can track their every move. With NEXSPY you can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls from the phone, sent and received text messages, photos and videos. You can also control their online activity and which websites your children are visiting.

Through your online portal, you can also read all incoming and outgoing emails in your child's phone without ever being detected.

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You can also view all contact details of senders and recipients. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype and WhatsApp communication are all easily tracked, so you really have nothing to worry about. With Geo Fencing you can set a location boundary of a specific location from 50 meters to up to 10 kilometres, and you will get immediately notified when the target smartphone enters the zone. You can record route history over a specific interval of time, check out last seen locations in case the device goes offline, and even track the smartphone of your child in hidden or invisible mode.

Now you have a clearer picture about which child-tracking devices are worth using. These are a few of the best ones that every parent needs to know about. We recommend you get informed about each and every one of them, but you should know that all of them deliver the job pretty good. If you want to avoid any worries and keep tabs on your children then consider using some of the mentioned apps. You will always know where your children are, what are they up to, who they communicate with and what they surf online. Every one of the trackers comes with its distinct characteristics, so choose the best one for your child and eliminate all your concerns.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing? The best tracking devices for kids.

Best Hidden Spy GPS Tracking Devices of 2018

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Spy Tracking Devices

Secure online payment. It is the violation of the applicable law and your local jurisdiction laws to install NEXSPY monitoring software onto a device you do not own.

S with these great solutions from trusted brands. The first type of GPS tracking device we offer is called a logger. This type of unit records all the routes and destinations a car travels, both a written log as well as a mapped report, so you can review it at a later time. Information can be retrieved when the logger is physically removed from the car or truck and then downloaded to a PC computer.

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With no monthly fees, GPS Loggers are the economical way to track cars and trucks on a limited budget. Each logger will differ in battery life, reports, and size of the unit. Most of these units are battery operated and will run for several days, up to ten days in select models, under normal driving conditions. They are designed to be easy to use without the need for additional software programs which is another big draw for this product type.

You simply install the device, let it pick up a signal, and when you are ready to review, you plug it into your computer. If you are looking for something simple with great results and ease of use, a logger is ideal. Our other option is real-time GPS car tracking devices. Real-time or live tracking is the fastest way to retrieve a person or vehicle's current location quickly and efficiently. Information will be sent immediately to an online server in which you can log into anywhere Internet is available.

All real-time units have a one-time activation fee as well as a monthly service fee. Some units have prepaid long-term plans that would reduce the monthly service fee. Each real-time unit will differ in battery life, reporting, service fees, as well as the size of the unit. Waterproof casings are available for all devices as well as hardwire GPS trackers alleviating the need for batteries.


Measuring only 1 x 1. Its diminutive size allows to easily hide underneath a seat, in a glove box or any other storage area inside a vehicle.

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The paid monthly service plan allows users to cancel anytime but comes with a host of handy features via the downloadable iPhone and Android app. It can provide e-mail and text message alerts for movement, geofencing, speeding and low battery. There's also an SOS button for emergency services. The internal battery can last anywhere from one to two weeks before recharging depending on usage. GPS data is also readily available on Google Maps for simplified navigation.

Our reviewers spent 24 hours testing one of our readers' favorite car GPS trackers. To get the most well-rounded results, they installed it in their own vehicles, drove for hundreds of miles, and observed its performance.

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We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using this car GPS tracker, from its power source to its special features like daily driving reports. We've outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping. Special features - If the only thing you want from your device is tracking, your decision is probably pretty straightforward — but many of the options on our list can do a lot more.

From daily driving reports and Alexa integration to diagnosing engine trouble, these models have many different features that may be relevant to your needs. Power - The question of battery versus plugged in is relevant for most electronics, and car GPS trackers are no exception. Many of these devices have long-term batteries, while others connect to your car.